Yes… You Read That Right… The Internet Famous Bagel Boss Guy is Training for an MMA Fight And He’s Lured in Chris Weidman and Al Iaquinta to Help Him Prepare for a Potential Clash With Logan Paul…

One of the stories of 2018 was the rise in internet personalities calling each other out for fights. Logan Paul – the Youtube virus/social media influencer who manages to annoy half the world with every video he puts up – ‘fought’ KSI in a glorified sparring match at the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom.

They put their amateur bout behind a paywall on Youtube, eventually achieving over 800,000 buys and even more illegal streams online. It was incredibly successful, with Brendan Schaub commenting that the young men could teach the UFC lessons about promotion.

Now another Internet star wants in. The pint-sized ‘Bagel Boss Guy’ wants a shot at Logan Paul and is currently training with Al Iaquinta in Long Island, where the UFC fighter trains with the Serra-Longo Fight Team. What a world we live in.

YouTube video


So who exactly is the Bagel Boss Guy? Well, he’s the dude above who went viral after his rant at female servers in a bagel shop. Basically, he’s very short and insecure about his size so he shouts at everybody who asks him how tall he is. There are a few videos on his channel where he challenges people in different places, but the bagel store video is the one that turned him into a viral star.

Of course, spontaneous bouts of misogyny probably won’t win you mainstream appeal. As you can see from the screenshotted image below, the UFC had tried to get in on the action, but then realized that the man is literally a woman-hater. So they deleted it, but this being the internet means that it is preserved for posterity. You’re welcome.

Screenshot: Twitter.

Power Puncher

As you can see from the clip above, the Bagel Boss Guy – real name Chris Morgan – trained with Al Iaquinta and Chris Weidman to help him capitalise on his 15 minutes of fame. He’s really going to fight on September 7, in Atlantic City, New Jersey after signing a deal with boxing promoter Damon Feldman.

Morgan’s slight frame and generally dough-like physique mean that he doesn’t have many physical advantages, except possibly the ability to absorb damage. In the footage, Iaquinta is showing him how to punch properly and practices some basic 1-2 combos. He probably won’t be pushing for a UFC contract very soon.

YouTube video


Morgan has already proven that he’s a master of getting his voice heard. So he’s shouting at another person right now and that’s the Youtube star, Logan Paul. For some reason, he thinks it’s a good idea to challenge the young man, who in fairness is about twice his height and shredded. Good luck with that.

It’s not as mad as Justin Bieber calling out Tom Cruise earlier this year though. Then Steve-O jumped in on the action and demanded a piece of the Canadian pop star.

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