Charles Bronson is One of the Most Notorious Prisoners in the United Kingdom… Billed as Britain’s Most Violent Inmate, Here’s Some Rare Fight Footage of the Man Himself in Action…

It’s rare that a living inmate actually achieves immortalization in the way that this man has. Although he goes by the name Charlie Salvador now, the public still knows him as Charles Bronson. Commonly referred to as ‘Britain’s most violent’ and ‘most notorious’ prisoner by the UK media, the 65-year-old has spent most of his life behind bars and was the subject of the Tom Hardy film, ‘Bronson.’

This high-profile prisoner has been back in the news over the past few days because he’s been in court in relation to attacking the governor of Wakefield Prison. Allegedly he threatened Mark Docherty, shouting, “I’ll bite your f***ing nose off,” before being dragged away by prison guards.

While we absolutely do not condone random acts of violence, Bronson is a legend so we’re obviously going to take this opportunity to share rare footage of him fighting, which you can watch below.

YouTube video


Bronson actually spent some time as a bare-knuckle boxer from 1987-88, between lengthy spells in prison. He unleashes ferocious violence combined with skilful technique, leaving his opponent with no chance of beating him. He also has a message on his back: ‘Free Alan Byrne’ – a fellow inmate he was close to.

Britains Most Violent Prisoner is known to have attacked many prison guards and has taken hostages several times. He’d probably have been shot by now if he was incarcerated in the US. The Luton native has been involved in several armed robberies as well, adding to his impressively infamous resume.


During the 69 days where he was free between 1987-88, he allegedly killed a rottweiler with his bare hands as well as taking part in illegal fights. After being released again in 1992, he was brought back to prison in 1993 – where he’s remained ever since.

Now he’s back in court after allegedly trying to attack the governor. Apparently, he wanted to get back the photographs of his soon-to-be-divorced wife. Being Bronson he read his statement in poem form, which you see below (courtesy of Leeds Live.)

YouTube video


“Since when is a crime to hug your fellow man?

There is not enough man hugs in this insane world today

I say from my heart and my soul

It is a sure way of bonding and bringing peace on earth

It should not be a criminal offence to show a little humanity

Especially inside our prisons and asylums

Our days are ridden with pain, misery, violence and persecution and the dreaded spice

Which has destroyed our prisons

I don’t really understand why this was ever brought to court

And I’m here today

For a simple manhunt

And my 22 wedding photos

What I paid for

My property

It has cost my wife her sanity

My soon-to-be ex-wife

It has cost her mother and my mother sadness and me so much grief

For the first time in 66 years of living on this planet

I am an innocent man

And may British justice do me proud.”

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