Ouch! Ronda Rousey Was Thrown Through a Desk by Stephanie McMahon at a WrestleMania 34 Build-Up Event… 

Ronda Rousey’s WWE honeymoon period is officially over. The former UFC bantamweight champion got smashed through a desk by Stephanie McMahon at a press event on Monday. One look at Rousey’s face shows you that she did not enjoy this one little bit. It’s all part of the exciting build-up for one of the most anticipated matches in recent WWE history.

Rousey is due to make her official debut at WrestleMania 34 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans next Sunday. She’s due to take part in a tag team match. She’ll partner WWE stalwart Kurt Angle and together they’ll take on McMahon and her husband Triple H in a massive beat down.

‘Rowdy’ literally changed the game for women’s MMA. Dana White literally created a division for her, promoting her from Strikeforce. She defended her title six times, in dominant fashion, usually by her trademark armbar. The former Olympian fell into a downward spiral when Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes knocked her out in successive matches.

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Get Ready

One of the most classic moves in WWE is to smash your opponent through a table. We’ve already seen Rousey do it to Triple H after signing her official contract. Now she has suffered the uncomfortably iconic move herself.

At a pre-match event on Monday Angle and Rousey got into a scuffle with McMahon and Triple H. It was the latter pair that came out on top, with Rousey suffering the undignified glory of being smashed through a table.

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Smashed Up

After smashing Rousey through the desk, leaving her stunned on the ground, McMahon rubbed salt into her wounds. She stood over the fallen former champion, with Triple H standing beside her and fired shots at her inability to cope with losing.

“Ronda, just remember that you chose this path,” McMahon said. “This is all on you. You are going to lose at WrestleMania. In the record books, your very first match in the WWE is going to be a loss to me. And we all know, the world knows, how you handle losses”.

Ouch. That’s actually pretty rough. Rousey has been criticized heavily in the past for how she responds to defeat. She went into a media silence after her shocking first loss to Holly Holm, a trend that continued in the build-up and aftermath against Amanda Nunes.

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Personality Test

At the moment it seems like Rousey is being helped along a little bit. Only time will tell if she has the chops to deal with the necessary media obligations of WWE. The entertainment industry can be even more challenging than the actual physical wrestling because fans don’t want to see a boring personality.

Rousey needs to prove that she has the ability to stand on her own two feet in the industry. When she’s not being slammed through tables that is. She should be able to draw on her Hollywood experience. Fingers crossed that she settles well, because the WWE may have found itself a new superstar.

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