It Looks Like Tekken Just Became Real Life… Chinese Wushu fighter Yi Long Destroyed Korean Super-Heavyweight Hong Man Choi With a Brutal Body Kick… 

You’ve just got to love a good old-fashioned freakshow contest. MAS Fight in China decided to give us just that by pitting Wushu legend Yi Long against South Korea’s giant MMA fighter Hong Man Choi, in an incredibly unbalanced contest.

MAS fight plays by very different rules to any other fighting promotion. They use kickboxing rules but have specially designed 6lb gloves, not used by any other group on the planet. The fight only lasts for one 9 minute round. The only way to win is by knockout because if the fight goes the distance, it’s declared a draw.

This makes for a very fun and unique style of contest. Fighters don’t want a tonne of draws on their professional record, so of course, they’re going to really go for it. 9 minutes is a long time to keep going without a break, so the odds of someone getting tired and being caught are very high. That’s what happened to poor old Choi. Watch the footage below.


Yi Long has fought a host of kickboxing opponents in the past, including a ludicrous win over Muay Thai legend Buakaw (totally fixed by the Chinese judges.) He’s got a background in sanshou and gained fame when he allowed his opponents to punch him in the face, known as his iron chin move. Obviously, he started getting knocked out, so he stopped using it, but he’s very popular in China.

In contrast, Hong Man Choi is a massive MMA fighter and kickboxer. He fought Fedor Emelianenko in his early days and has taken on the likes of former baseball player Jose Canseco, Remy Bonjasky, and other fighters. At 7ft 2in and 330lbs compared to Long’s 5″9 and 16lbs, there was a massive discrepancy between the two men.

Screenshot: Youtube.

Body Kick

While most people believe that the bigger man will always win, that is usually the case if they’re at the same skill level. However, Yi Long is a much more effective fighter than Choi, and far more dynamic. He moved around, keeping his distance so that the giant would gas himself out trying to catch the Chinese monk.

Long landed a kick to Choi’s midsection, catching him in the liver, to capture a KO win. It was a very slick kick, and Choi immediately pulled up in agony. It might have looked like a low blow, but Choi has his massive tent-sized shorts pulled up high.

Screenshot: Twitter.


This was a good win for Long who had been knocked out in his two previous outings. Could you imagine if these sort of fights started happening in America? You can bet that Dana White would have fed Demetrious Johnson to Francis Ngannou.

There’s definitely something entertaining about these freakshow contests, although you do have to feel a bit bad for the big guy who is really in the ring as a kind of sacrificial lamb. It’s a bit of tough one to figure out.

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