‘You Ain’t Ready For These Hands,’ Tenshin Nasukawa Has Told Floyd Mayweather as He Prepares For His Exhibition Match on New Year’s Eve…

It’s one of the most bizarre match-ups of recent times. Floyd Mayweather announced that he would be headlining the RIZIN 14 event on New Year’s Eve, in Tokyo’s Saitama Arena, in what he insists will be an exhibition match following boxing rules. His opponent is Tenshin Nasukawa, one of the most exciting kickboxers on the planet.

Nasukawa is 20-years old and unbeaten in kickboxing and MMA. He’s become a superstar in his native Japan and is commonly referred to by his first name. With a spectacularly dynamic style, Nasukawa blazes spinning kicks and punch combos, overwhelming his opponents.

He’s demonstrated that speed in video footage clearly designed to intimidate his veteran opponent. Tenshin is ferocious. Watch the footage below (courtesy of TMZ Sports).

YouTube video


Joe Rogan is a huge fan of Tenshin, and you can see why from the footage above. Of course, there is a big difference between hitting pads and fighting another person, but one thing that is certain is that Tenshin has proven he can do it in the ring.

“I’m sure many of you combat sports fans have heard that Floyd Mayweather has signed to face Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan on New Year’s Eve,” Rogan wrote on Instagram. “I don’t know what kind of “special rules” they’re supposed to be fighting under but I just like the fact that it’s going to happen and that people get to google Tenshin’s name and see some of his fights. He’s a true striking genius.

You can see some of that genius above. The 20-year-old is as slick as they come, blazing combinations with the ferocity of a coked-up honey badger.

Screenshot: Youtube.


This is the first time that Mayweather has fought outside of Nevada since 2005. He’s adamant that it will just be an exhibition of three three-minute rounds. However, Rogan isn’t sure whether or not Mayweather might have been tricked into signing something that might just be a little bit more dubious. Rogan said on a recent Fight Companion podcast:

“Apparently they’ve agreed to it… an exhibition boxing match. They’re probably going to wear big gloves, no kicks — unless the Japanese are like ‘ok, so we agree, kicking too. Go!’  They’ll rush you through some contract negotiations. The Japanese, they do a different kind of business. They’re very clever over there.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


Needless to say, Mayweather should definitely still be the heavy favourite. The 50-0 American boxer is – despite all the stories that he can’t read – a very good businessman. He’s definitely going to be expecting to win, with all the odds stacked in his favour.

However, he might be underestimating just how seriously Tenshin is taking this fight. The Japanese fighter sees this as his opportunity to make a massive statement in front of a global audience, for the first time in his career. Can his speed and ferocity account for Mayweather’s experience and nous?

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