Tony McGregor is Set to Make His Boxing Debut… He’s Only 55 Years-Young And Set to Take on a Much Younger Opponent…

Like son-like father. Conor McGregor is one of the most recognizable faces in combat sports. The former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion famously overcame adversity as he pursued his dream of becoming the biggest name in MMA. Now he’s one of the biggest stars on the planets.

He famously went against his father Tony’s wishes and continued training and fighting, despite the elder McGregor not believing that it was a viable career. You can bet that Tony will never have been happier that he was proven wrong, as he spends most of his days sailing around Ireland on the boat Conor gifted him.

Now it looks like Tony McGregor is angling for his boxing debut – at the tender age of 55. He wants to take on Irish radio host Eoin Sheehan, and a poster has already been mocked up. You can check it out below.

Screenshot: Instagram.

White Collar?

While there has been nothing official announced just yet, it looks like this could be a white collar boxing match for charity. Both men seem to be very serious about it. As you can they both have impressively punchable faces. McGregor Sr. told The Sun:

There are two things in life I don’t like — coinage and challenges. And he’s thrown down the challenge. There I was, minding my own business and putting in the training in Headon Boxing Academy. I was putting the work in, slipping, ducking, hooking and jabbing when all of a sudden young Mr Sheahan decides to call me out.

“If I’m being honest, I think he’s taken leave of his senses. Does he want Santa to rearrange his face for Christmas? He’ll be eating his turkey through a straw! Camp Apocalypse began at 16:00 hours and it’s full steam ahead now.

Six Weeks

Tony McGregor seems to share the same confidence as his son. He’s adamant that even though he’s pushing 60 and Sheahan is just 24, that he is going to win this fight. He said:

“Six weeks of intensive training to get in peak condition. Camp ­Apocalypse was formed solely for the purposes of the destruction of young Mister Sheahan. I’ve been offered the use of every facility you can think of, I’ve had pro lads contacting me offering their services free of charge but I am going to stick with the Headon ­Boxing Academy.”

Screenshot: Instagram.


For his part, Sheahan seems enthusiastic about the prospect of punching McGregor. When asked how he felt about the upcoming fight, he said:

“Pretty chill about it all, to be honest, Camp Apocalypse, Camp A-shmock-alypse. Whatever it may be. I’m born ready, to be honest with you. I was put on this earth to fight old men like him.”

That just sounds creepy. Dude, you’re a radio host. Calm down.

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