WATCH: This Spinning Elbow KO is Straight Out of Mortal Kombat

By Dazzler

There is Nothing Better in Combat Sports Than an Incredible KO Finish… This Video Has One of the Best Knockouts of the Year…

There have been some glorious knockout in 2018. It’s been another phenomenal year for MMA. However, the greatest of the year so far might just have happened – and not where you might have expected. The regional scene in South Africa has just come up with an incredible finish.

Spinning techniques are some of the most exciting to watch in MMA. Timing is absolutely essential because if you don’t get it right, you can go off-balance and leave yourself open to a counterattack. South African fighter and EFC star Mzwandile Hlongwa did just that against his Norwegian opponent Torbjorn Madsen.

Watch the footage below. It’s a truly sensational knockout. This poor Viking was sent into the shadow realm by a Zulu warrior. With all the attention on UFC 230, it would have been easy to miss this.


This is one of the most devastating finishes we’ve seen this year. Hlongwa was fighting Madsen in the EFC middleweight division. The pair was pacing back and forth, sizing each other up, when suddenly BAM. It was all over. ‘Shakebone’ threw a quick one-two, which totally fooled Madsen. The Norwegian dropped his hands, and Hlongwa spun, catching him with a majestic elbow.

The speed, timing, and mechanics of the entire combination are just so slick and look like they’re straight out of the Mortal Kombat video game. Kudos to Hlongwa, who has just massively enhanced his profile.


The way Madsen fell was ridiculous. Clearly unconscious before hitting the ground, he took another couple of jabs to the face before the referee finally intervened. Spinning backfists and elbows are very fun to watch but can be dangerous for the attacker if they mistime. The likes of UFC fighters Paul Felder and Paige VanZant have broken their arms when they messed up their attacks.

Hlongwa has now extended his winning streak to four straight fights and will surely have attracted the interest of a bigger promotion. The African continent remains an underutilized market for elite MMA promotions, but that’s very likely to change as the game develops.


Madsen might have dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, but he confirmed to fans that he is OK, and was classy in his reaction to Hlongwa’s victory. He said:

“I’m in the ambulance now. I’m going to a check in the hospital. Everything is fine. This can happen, it’s fun. Well done by him.”

The full results from EFC 75 are below:

Nkazimulo Zulu defeated Gary Joshua by submission, round 5 to retain the EFC Flyweight title.

Luthando Biko defeated Cal Elenor by decision to become the new EFC Interim Bantamweight champion.

Mzwandile Hlongwa defeated Torbjorn Madsen by KO, round 1.

Faeez Jacobs defeated T.C. Khusu.

Saxon Delafield defeated Regis Muyambo.

Chris Dove defeated Corne Blom.

Fafa Dwama defeated Themba Mkhize.

Khulekani Hlongwa defeated Willem Smith.

Shane Higgins defeated Benjamin Mukendi.

Serge Kasanda defeated Chad Hepburn due to a doctor’s stoppage.