WATCH: This UFC Pay-Per-View Themed GOT Video is Hilarious

By Darren
WATCH: This UFC Pay-Per-View Themed GOT Video is Hilarious

What Happens When a Cultural Phenomenon Clashes With the Biggest MMA Promotion on the Planet? Check Out For Yourself Below… SPOILERS BELOW

The world seems obsessed with Game of Thrones right now and no wonder. It’s one of the biggest TV shows in the history of the medium and the MMA world is just as obsessed. It’s no wonder that a lot of UFC fans like the HBO show that’s famous for its graphic violence, complex plotlines and excessive nudity.

It’s not that long ago since Conor McGregor was linked to a guest appearance in the show, although that never came to be. It wouldn’t have been that difficult for him as many scenes are filmed just up the road in Northern Ireland. You could totally see the likes of Roy Nelson in the Night Watch.

Check out this very funny fanmade crossover video that’s basically a pay-per-view promotion crossed over with everybody’s favourite show with dragons. Enjoy.


First of all, can we all just agree that Paige VanZant wishes that she is half as badass as Daenerys Targaryen? ’12 Guage’ does have two dragons of her own though that gets everybody excited. Let’s just leave that right there. You also see the scheming Varys as Dana White, plotting more interim titles.

The smart addition of Jon Jones crossed with Littlefinger is also a great addition. The picogram reference is very funny and pretty ruthless. We do think though that the rivalries between Khabib Nurmagamedov and Conor McGregor, as well as Jon Jones’s with Daniel Cormier,  are as intense as anything you’ll find in the seven kingdoms.

Fans of the Show

UFC fighters are also fans of the show. At UFC 236 a number of fighters were asked who they think will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the show. A number of fighters including welterweight kingpin Kamaru Usman believe that Jon Snow will sit on the most uncomfortable seat on TV at season end. He commented on how Snow came back from the dead to ‘do everything right.’ Sounds like an inspiration for a fighter alright.

Khalil Rountree Jr., on the other hand, believes that Danerys will be the queen of the Seven Kingdoms. With two dragons at her beck and call, it’s very possible that she’ll have the firepower to overwhelm all those who cross her path. With only three episodes left we don’t have that long left to find out.

Real Life

Sometimes the UFC feels like an episode of Game of Thrones. There’s always plotting and scheming and rivalries brewing. With Dana White plotting behind the schemes and the mistrust that fans have for Jeff Novitzky and USADA, there’s definitely drama in real life as well.

We’ll leave you with that famous video of Conor McGregor sparring ‘The Mountain’ in real life. Let’s hope we get the fight that everybody wants to see before the end of his career. No, we don’t mean the McGregor v Khabib rematch. We’re talking about The Hound v The Mountain.

Put that on Pay-Per-View.