The worlds of pro wrestling and mixed martial arts have never been far apart. That said, aside from Brock Lesnar there have been very few successful crossovers. Many UFC stars have tried their hands at pro wrestling, but it seldom works out the other way.

The prime example would be CM Punk’s UFC debut. Following a long and drawn out period of waiting, Punk finally made his debut at UFC 203. It was a highly controversial decision to let an athlete with no fight experience join the UFC.


CM Punked

The former WWE champion entered with absolutely no combat experience at UFC 203. This had enough people riled up, but then it was announced he’d get a main card fight. Most athletes have to compete in the UFC at least 2-3 times to even be considered for a main card slot.

For CM Punk it was far too much to handle, though. As he faced Mickey Gall in Cleveland, Punk came to a very harsh realisation. Gall smashed the WWE veteran without mercy, scoring a first round submission in a dominant performance.


What’s Next?

Who knows what is next for CM Punk now he got owned in the UFC. He could well be headed to the amateur leagues for the moment. His former employers at the WWE have been ruthless in their reactions though.

One particular moment that CM Punk might not want to see is the re-enactment of his UFC loss during a live WWE show last night…

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