All sports, including UFC matches, can get surprising any time and see an underdog, whom no one expected to win, suddenly become the winner. This can become a huge surprise for the audience and make the matches more entertaining.

Below are the top 5 memorable moments in the UFC where the underdog won.

1. Holly Holm vs. Ronda Rousey

In UFC 193, Holly surprised everybody when she knocked out Ronda Rousey.

The results of the match were unexpected as it seemed like Rousey could never be beaten. The UFC 193 match was dominated by Holm and when Ronda tried to charge at Holly, she was ready. Holm kicked Rousey hard and took her title.

Before this fight, Holm was ranked at No. 9 and hardly had any chance to win. Some fans wanted the championship opportunity to be given to Miesha Tate. Nevertheless, the UFC decided to give the shot to Holly Holm instead, and the rest is history.

2. TJ Dillashaw vs. Renan Barao

One of the biggest shock and unexpected results in a UFC 173 title fight was when T. J. Dillashaw defeated Renan Barao to become the new bantamweight champion. The bets favored Barao, and it was unforeseen that Dillashaw would beat the former champion.

The event was hindered by injuries. Initially, the main event was to take place for the middleweight championship, with Chris Weidman defending against Vitor Belfort; nevertheless, Nevada barred testosterone replacement therapy just before the event, and Belfort wanted more time. Therefore, he was replaced with Lyoto Machida, but then Weidman had to opt-out owing to an injury.

After that, it was decided that Barao would defend the bantamweight championship against Raphael Assuncao. However, Raphael also had to opt-out owing to injury, and thus, Dillashaw was chosen for the main event.

Dillashaw surprised everyone in the first round itself by knocking Barao down with a strong left. Barao was beaten for the rest of the match as Dillashaw showed determination and technique. Barao on the other hand did not do much, and it was clear that he had no technique.

3. Michael Bisping vs. Luke Rockhold

Michael Bisping got only 17 days to prepare for a fight in which he defeated Luke Rockhold in the first round and became UFC 199 middleweight champion.

The audience was surprised when the solid defenses of Rockhold did not upset Bisping. He instead continued to strike back until he claimed his position in the fight and became UFC Middleweight Champion.


Initially, this fight was to be a rematch between Chris Weidman and Rockhold, before Weidman was forced to pull out owing to an injury. Weidman was to be replaced by Jacare Souza; however, he too had to decline owing to an injury. As no other option was available Bisping was slotted into the title fight against Luke Rockhold.

4. Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre

Matt Serra lost more in the UFC than he won; therefore, it came as a surprise when he defeated Georges St. Pierre at UFC 69.

The result of the fight was what the audience had never expected as it came to an end within three minutes after getting started. Serra was allowed to play after he won Season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter. The series required a different perspective, and TUF4 consisted only of fighters who had UFC experience however were not very popular. The winning fighter would get a title opportunity and a multi-fight contract.

Serra beat Chris Lytle through split-decision to win and earn the shot at GSP. In the fight, Serra had almost no chance to win; however, the player used the right strategy and won the championship.

5. Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is known for mocking his rivals and trying to get them to be more hostile. This is an approach that he used against various players. However, UFC 162 was a very different match, and things did not turn out as expected.

In the second round, Chris missed a few strikes, thus as per his strategy, Silva faked like the shots had given him dramatically shaky legs. This got Weidman agitated as it appeared as if he had had enough; therefore, he punched Silva on the chin and ended the fight with a dramatic win by winning UFC 162.

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