There is no shortage of hated fighters in mixed martial arts. In fact, it can be hard to narrow the number down to just six. To have made this list a fighter needs to truly be in the upper echelon of the despised.

For the purposes of this article we have excluded retired or inactive fighters. To qualify for this list a fighter has to be currently active in the sport. This disqualifies names such as War Machine and Tito Ortiz from being eligible. Josh Koscheck has also been ruled ineligible due to inactivity. Yes, he fought in Bellator recently, but at no point could he have been considered “active” during that bout.

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6. Yoel Romero

Personally I think Yoel Romero, and his Cuban translator, are awesome! Other people aren’t big on the guy due to his questionable physique for a guy turning 40 later this month. PED accusations has caused Romero be something of a pariah in the MMA community.

Yoel Romero was suspended for 6 months in 2016 due to a failed drug test. He was originally suspended 2 years until he was able to provide USADA with a tainted supplement. Romero was able to prove he took a supplement which contained the banned substance but did not list the banned ingredient on the label. USADA tested the supplement and the banned substance was indeed present. His suspension was reduced to six months, and was immediately put back in the thick of things in the middleweight division. Romero’s next fight was at UFC 205, when he knocked out former champion Chris Weidman.

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