It’s no secret that Cyborg wants to fight Ronda Rousey; it’s her only chance for a huge pay day after all. The only question is whether Rousey will ever agree to a bout with her or not.

Rousey has said in the past that Cyborg would have to come down in weight to 135lbs for them to meet, which might be what ultimately prevents the bout from ever occurring. When asked why she would not go up in weight to meet Cyborg, Rousey’s response used to be “the champ doesn’t come to you, you come to the champ”. 2731304-1084338587-cyborOnly Ronda isn’t the champ anymore…

If they ever were to meet in the cage this fight would not even be close; Cyborg would destroy Ronda. Here are six reasons why..


Cyborg’s Size and Frame

Cyborg is a large woman, but it isn’t just her size but also her frame that makes her a threat.

This is where accusations of steroid use start to come in. Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino was popped for steroids in 2011, after knocking out Hiroko Yamanaka in 16 seconds at a Strikeforce show. She was suspended for a year.┬áThat wide frame Cyborg has grown into is a significant advantage in her favour every fight, and one that may have been obtained by steroid use.

Dana White’s reaction to seeing Cyborg in a dress once was to say that she looked like “Wanderlei Silva in a dress” and say she was jacked up on steroids. When confronted with the idea that some might consider this an offensive thing to say, White reiterated his belief that Cyborg did in fact look like Wanderlei Silva in a dress. The truth is what the truth is.

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