Jake Paul vs. AJ Agazarm

Like his brother Logan, Jake Paul is also a legimate YouTube superstar with almost 20 million subscribers, and he too has been eager to test his fighting skills in both the ring and the cage.

In fact earlier this year he defeated fellow YouTuber Anesongib in a boxing match, registering a first round TKO victory after flooring him twice.

Back in 2017, Paul also tried his hand at MMA, though this time it was just a sparring session with AJ Agazarm, who these days is a Bellator fighter with a 3-1 record, but back then had yet to actually fight professionally.

However, Agazarm was already a decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist and given that Paul was 4″ taller and almost 40lbs heavier, he decided not to mess too much with him too much on the feet, and instead looked to take him to the mat instead.

Paul clearly had some boxing experience and appeared to have some basic MMA knowledge too as he sprawled and used takedown defense against the cage, but Agazarm was still able to take him down in the first round and get to full mount, while in the second round he did so again, before tapping him out with an armbar submission.

“He was hitting me in the side of the head…I don’t know if I can see right now!” Paul said afterwards, although Agazarm appeared to have been taking it easy on him as far as ground and pound goes.