Anderson Silva beats Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in a DECISION Win

Most MMA fans would be delighted to hear that the UFC legend, Anderson “The Spider” Silva just beat the son of All-time Mexican great, Julio Cesar Chavez in a boxing match. Silva was an underdog coming to the fight, yet he still showed why he is “Anderson Silva”.

A lot of MMA fans thought that the fight would not end well for Silva since he is already old and his reflexes are not the way they used to be. He is also fighting a former boxing world champion in a sport that he hasn’t fought for quite a while.

Anderson Silva is considered by many as one of the greatest fighters of all time and for him to still fight to this day is something to behold. Although the sad reality is he is already old and should not be even fighting to prevent health damage.

Another thing worth noting is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr missed weight in their fight. A younger fighter that has been boxing missed weight against a retired old MMA fighter is kind of embarrassing. Chavez Jr was forced to give 100k of his fight purse.

Silva clearly won the fight in most fans’ eyes but one judge thought of the other way. One judge gave the fight to Chavez Jr. Fortunately, two judges gave it to Silva, declaring him the winner by split decision.

It may be hard for Chavez Jr to live up to the expectations due to his father’s name. He has had a lot of pressure growing up, many expecting to follow his father’s footsteps but sadly that is not how the sports goes. Hard work and dedication is needed to become the best.

Silva even showcased his signature taunt where he baits his opponents in the corner. It is not a smart move but Silva somehow is good at doing those type of moves. Silva always had that flashy style that attracted a lot of fans.

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