The Spider once again showcases why he is one of the greatest fighters of all time. Both were former UFC champions, and it is shocking that they never clashed inside the Octagon but rather in a boxing ring. Although Silva was a champion at the middleweight division, Tito Ortiz was a former UFC light-heavyweight champion.

In terms of boxing, it was almost expected that Silva would win the fight as he was considered one of the best strikers in UFC history. Tito Ortiz started as a wrestler, and it was also his boxing debut, he would have been the bigger guy but it still won’t be enough as Silva’s skills proved to be far superior.

Right off the bat, Ortiz wanted to put on the pressure. He was throwing punches aimlessly trying to hit Silva but never hit cleanly. Silva showcased his signature head movement to avoid the barrage of punches Ortiz threw. Once he read Ortiz’s timing, he quickly landed a counter right hook that ended the night early. Ortiz fell down brutally and wasn’t able to get back up.

Silva then proceeded to walk away as if it was any other day. In the post-fight interview, he credited Bruce Lee’s philosophy to be like water. Silva also said that he plans to continue boxing as it is something he loves to do.

We may have never gotten a Silva farewell tour, as his career in the latter parts was brutal to watch. From getting knocked out, injured and for his last fight, it was sad to see. The UFC had no choice but to cut Silva since he was 1-7, 1 NC in his last 9 fights. He was the best in his prime but unfortunately, father time is undefeated.

As far as Silva’s current standpoint, it is still impressive. He just beat a former pro boxing champion, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Just shows that the Spider still has it even at 46 years old. It is great to see Silva win a couple of times, it has been a while since we saw the Anderson Silva that steamrolled all competition.

So what is next for Anderson Silva’s boxing career, who should he fight next? Many fans want him to fight Youtuber Jake Paul as it gives him a massive payday. Everyone wants to fight Jake Paul as it gives them a massive payday, but Paul also chooses his opponents where he thinks are beatable. Do you think Paul would offer to fight a UFC legend like Anderson Silva?

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