Of all the places to try and rob…

A class at Defiant MMA in Burbank, CA came to an unlikely conclusion Wednesday evening. An armed intruder burst into the gym while class was in session and demanded money. MMA fighter and Defiant MMA instructor, Ja-Cobe “the Problem” Powell, promptly knocked the gun out of his hand and pinned him to the floor until police could arrive.

The man needed to be transported to hospital and treated for facial injuries.

Often it is people in a desperate state who perform armed robberies, so poor decisions are made frequently. A decision this bad deserves special attention, however.

Why Did He Choose This Gym?

It does not appear as though the intruder had any connection to the gym prior to his attempted robbery of it. This then begs the question, why would he choose to hold up an MMA gym? Doesn’t that seem like a poor idea?

MMA gyms aren’t really a cash business either. In general, most gyms charge their members monthly through an automated system. There will be a cash register on site, but that is not where the bulk of their financial transactions take place. Unless the owners aren’t emptying the cash register frequently, there is not going to be a lot of money in there.

An MMA gym will also be filled with people who are trained in self-defense and combat.  This would especially be the case when a class is in session, as was the case in this scenario. The risk-reward ratio on this one is just not where a robber would want it to be.

We took a look at Defiant MMA’s location in Burbank, California and found numerous other businesses that would make far better targets for a robbery. Within walking distance from the gym, there is a Burger King, a sporting goods store, and a building materials supply company. This guy had options, it’s just he chose the worst possible one.

Arrest Footage 

Jacobe Powell did not take it easy on the guy for interrupting his class. Considering he brought a gun with him to this attempted robbery, however, things could have gone far worse for him.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need money there are far better options than robbery. There is also no option more foolish than holding up an MMA gym. Instead, just walk to your nearest police station and say you really need money and are considering holding up an MMA gym. Just see how they respond to that. The results couldn’t be worse than from actually trying to rob the gym.

Powell, who in the video chose to only be identified by his bare feet for some reason, had this to say regarding the incident.

My instincts kicked in, and I used my judo training to go ahead and subdue him.

(I) got the weapon away from him before the cops arrived. One of guys here that was training and i just subdued him until the police showed up.

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