Jose Aldo’s rivalry with Conor McGregor lasted for a very long time but ended in 13 seconds. He’s still talking about Mcgregor, though…

Just like Floyd Mayweather, Jose Aldo endured a full world tour opposite the biggest trash talker in MMA. Before eventually facing Conor McGregor at UFC 194, ‘Scarface’ was the reigning ten-year king of the featherweights.

Crossing over from WEC, Aldo was unbeaten in years and was tearing through the competition. When he finally faced ‘The Notorious’ after a year of waiting, Aldo’s world came tumbling down in 13 seconds.

With the first solid punch of the fight, McGregor KO’d Aldo in spectacular fashion. Although he’d go on to get the 145-pound belt again, it was this time through circumstance. Ironically it was McGregor being stripped of the belt that got Aldo promoted to champ after his interim victory against Frankie Edgar.

Later losing by TKO to Max Holloway, it was clear the Brazilian icon was not the same.

Aldo Eyes Boxing Career After McGregor’s Loss

With Holloway as the current guard in the division, Jose Aldo reveals his aspirations to box. Having spent recent weeks at Robert Garcia’s highly regarded gym, Aldo professes he’s been training with world champion boxers.

He also released his first statement on Mayweather vs. McGregor. Fans will remember his reaction to McGregor’s TKO loss on August 26, 2017, a series of emoji’s typed on Twitter to burn his Irish rival.

Speaking with, Aldo discussed MayMac and his own future in the boxing world:

Aldo Feels There’s No Moral Victory For McGregor

“Of course not,” Aldo said. “Moral? First of all, you try to prove that with someone who’s almost 41, who’s been away (from the sport). Of course, it was a money fight. A moral victory would have been taking on an active boxer, a champion, and then fought him. And then you’d see how he would barely last a round. Because it’s an entirely different sport. We need to put ourselves in our places.

“I’m an MMA athlete. I can’t go tomorrow and say I’m going to do muay Thai in Thailand with a Thai fighter, because I can punch and kick well. There’s no way. Each one in their places. I respect martial arts, so I put myself in my place. I don’t see a moral victory.”

“I’m happy he did a big fight, and I think it promoted MMA,” Aldo said. “I’m happy because of that. But as for the fight itself? Nobody liked the way it happened. They thought it was a circus. I don’t know what they’re saying (in Brazil), but in America that was the comment – that it was a circus fight.”

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Boxing For Aldo

“I spent this entire time with them, and they said that was going to happen,” Aldo said. “Conor doesn’t have good cardio, and (they) knew he’s not used to boxing. Mayweather was closed up, just waiting for the time to pounce. The guy hadn’t fought for two years.

“A lot of people talk a lot of crap, like, ‘Oh, he landed many more blows than (Manny) Pacquiao or (Miguel) Cotto and everyone.’ But no one says that (Mayweather) didn’t fight for two years. He didn’t even prepare for the fight. He knew, like everyone at the gym said, that it would be very hard (for McGregor to win) – very, very hard.”

“I trained with champions at the gym, at Robert Garcia’s,” Aldo said. “There were practically only champions (there). I got to spar and to train with them and see how boxing is. I don’t think I have the level today to go in there and challenge a champion. First of all, I don’t think I even have the nerve to challenge someone. I think I respect it.

“I think there are many people who have been training their entire lives to get there and fight for a world title in boxing. I’d rather start from scratch and go step-by-step, not disrespecting anyone. Because I think this way I can make it much further.”

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