Matchmaking top contenders in boxing more complicated than making it in the UFC. Why? Because in the UFC, they only consist of one promoter and all of their fighters have a fixed contract. So basically, they can choose their opponent if they want but UFC has usually has a final say.

In Boxing, a lot of boxers have different promoters which lead to more difficult negotiations. A lot of boxing matches could have been made if there was only one promoter that owns boxing. It is not a bad thing for the boxers but sometimes there are fights the fans want to see that may never happen.

We look at 2021, and they’re a lot of fights that can be made that fans may be only of dreaming of happening. Some fights need to happen soon, as it may never live up to the same hype if the boxer is getting out of his prime or tastes the loss to another opponent.

The list is only the fights that could be possibly made and likely.

5) Naoya Inoue vs John Riel Casimero
The fight has a lot of potentials to be the fight of the year. Even though Inoue might come in as the heavy favorite for the fight, there are still a lot of ways for Casimero to win.

Casimero has had his fair share of success, with his recent win against Duke Micah. Naoya also had his US debut against Jason Moloney where he passed with flying colors. Both fighters are in their top shape and it will be an exciting fight.

Both fighters were originally scheduled to fight but were canceled due to the pandemic happening. After Casimero’s last fight, he called out Inoue and even talked a bit of smack to get the attention of the Japanese Monster.

4) Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia
The Classic Team Mayweather vs Team De La Hoya, the fight is going to be super hyped. Even now, fans are looking forward to the Official announcement. Both boxers verbally agreed and even video called each other in front of Mike Tyson.

Davis is coming off a devastating knockout win against Leo Santa Cruz. Some might even award it as the knockout of the year. Meanwhile, Garcia has proven that he is more than just a Social Media boxer and has become the WBC Interim Champion.

Even though they may not fight for the undisputed title, it will still attract a lot of fans due to their popularity. Both fighters are young and undefeated. A win could escalate them to even bigger stardom.

3) Canelo Alvarez vs Super Middleweight
According to his team, Canelo is looking to unify all the belts, so he needs to beat all the current champions of the division to do that. Obviously, all the active champions want to fight Canelo as it will guarantee them their biggest payday, but Canelo calls the shots.

There are a lot of opponents that could pose a threat to Canelo, but since he is the Number 1 Pound for Pound boxer, he will likely be the favorite coming to the fight. With the pandemic happening, it may be difficult to see Canelo unifying all the belts at the end of the year.

2) Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr.
Now, this is the most skilled fight that could be made right now. Both fighters are in the top 5 Pound for Pound list and are in the same division. They are both champions of the welterweight, undefeated, and the clear top 2 in their respective division. It is a shame that it is unlikely we see the fight happening soon.

Due to their contract negotiations, it is unlikely the fight will happen this year. Fans are hoping it does, as a win from either fighter will most likely climb them to the clear Number 1 Pound for Pound boxer in the world.

Crawford currently has issues with his promoter Bob Arum and has requested of opting out of his contract. Meanwhile, Errol Spence will only take the fight if it is either 60/40 or 70/30, which Crawford won’t accept.

1) Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua
The Heavyweight division has had a long rich history of great champions. It has been a long time where he has seen only one undisputed heavyweight champion. Both fighters want the fight to happen but have not yet agreed to an official date and place.

Anthony Joshua also has a mandatory challenger to face, but the organization or his opponents could give an exception and let the fight happen. It could also make sense to wait out the pandemic, as this would clearly be the biggest fight in British Boxing.

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