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Arguably the greatest talent the UFC has ever seen will try to move up and make his heavyweight debut within the year. He is taking a huge risk, but in turn, gives a high reward. As many doubters say that Jones only uses his size to win fights.

Usually, when Jon Jones fights in the Lightheavyweight, he usually has the physical size advantage over almost all of them. Pair that with his Hight Fight IQ and long reach, he is pretty much unstoppable. The only question that lingers is if he can still beat fighters that outweigh him and their physical attributes are the same.

Due to him not losing his title but instead vacating it, it is highly likely that the UFC will grant him possibly the winner of Miocic vs Ngannou 2. Either winner is a high-level fighter that could pose a huge threat to Jon Jones. It is very likely that the fight will be massive, since if Jones captures the title, his GOAT argument may leap even higher.

Jon Jones vacated his belt instead of becoming a 2 division champion is because he thinks it will take time for him to adjust to his heavyweight size. He thinks it will be unfair for the Lightheavyweight division if he lets them wait a long time.

Jon Jones has the best resume in all of the UFC, he has beaten a lot of champions and his lone loss was from a DQ where he was winning one-sidedly. The only thing that tarnishes his legacy is his multiple failed drug tests. Some of the GOAT contenders like George St Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Demetrious Johnson never once failed a drug test. So that is the thing that haunts Jones’s legacy.

A lot of fans also agree that if Jones wins the Heavyweight crown, he is undisputedly the GOAT since it is the only thing he lacks in his resume. Some fans also think that he can never be the GOAT because of his failed drug test. As GSP would say, being the GOAT is an illusion since MMA Math is illogical.

Obviously, fans are excited to see Jones move up as it poses a lot of questions. Will he be able to perform better without a weight cut or will the Heavyweight contenders be too big for him.

His rival, Daniel Cormier was successful in moving up. Cormier was the Lightheavyweight champion and then moved up to face Stipe Miocic. Although it is worth noting that Cormier has had heavyweight fights in the past and was also undefeated.

Jon Jones’s decision of moving up may be the biggest question mark in the UFC for the year 2021. The mystery of how well Jones puts up with guys and how he will adjust his gameplan. Jones is also known to study his opponents really well.

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