Who should fight for Khabib’s Vacant belt?

The Lightweight Division consists of the biggest names in the UFC. Khabib and Mcgregor alone are the top 2 biggest names in the UFC. Outside of Khabib and Mcgregor, there are a lot of killer names in the division, namely Dustin Porier, Tony Ferguson, Justin Gaethje, and Charles Oliveira.

They are without a doubt the most entertaining division in the UFC due to their names and high level is the competition. Even though there are still a lot of exciting divisions like the bantamweight and middleweight, no division can move the needle as much as this division.

Their current champion is a cash cow, and their contender is the biggest star UFC ever has. According to Dana White, Khabib still has something left in him to get the 30-0 record. He thinks that their meeting might convince the Dagestani fighter to fight one more time.

Although Khabib has no interest since there are no more opponents left for him. He beat all of them easily. He beat Mcgregor, Poirier, and Gaethje easily and it was all via stoppage.

In a recent interview, Khabib said that he gives blessing to the winner of Mcgregor vs Poirier to be the next lightweight champion but the UFC has not yet announced anything regarding a title fight.

There are a lot of risks if the fight will be for the vacant belt. If Mcgregor wins, will he stay with the UFC and defend his lightweight belt, since he had it before but proceeded to fight Mayweather for the boxing and the lightweight division had to wait which to eventually led to another interim and vacant belt.

It is worth noting that Mcgregor never defended his belt even once, so the UFC has to think about whether Mcgregor plans to defend. He also had talks with the Pacquiao team for another potential boxing match that could offer a bigger payday than what he gets in the UFC.

The most benefited scenario would be a Grand Prix, or even let Charles Oliveira who recently beat Tony Ferguson to fight the winner of Mcgregor vs Poirier. It would make sense, it will make the winner the clear best fighter outside of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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