Former boxing world champion Antonio Tarver is no stranger to the perils of the boxing ring. Although many fans have their own opinion on how UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor would fare against boxing pound-for-pound elite Floyd Mayweather if and when they do meet, Tarver has an insider’s look into the fight having had loads of experience in his heyday.

“Not a chance in hell,” Tarver said Monday on The MMA Hour.

He was talking about McGregor’s chances of beating Mayweather if the fight does indeed push through. Obviously, with McGregor having zero experience as a professional boxer, taking on Mayweather is a daunting task. McGregor has been seen sparring with a few boxers in the past, with varying success.

Antonio Tarver was recently a guest on The MMA Hour

“Because Conor McGregor can’t beat the top-20 in the division, how the f*ck is he going to beat Floyd Mayweather? Not a f*cking chance in hell (of even a puncher’s chance), because he’s not punching with those four-ounce gloves on. He’s punching with 10-ounce gloves on. Big difference,” said Tarver.

Like pretty much the entire world, Tarver believes McGregor has no chance of victory. He also believes that McGregor is just in it for the money.

“It’s a money fight. I don’t know if it’s a mockery, but it’s a money fight. That’s what it’s all about. Conor McGregor can’t beat Nate Diaz in a boxing match. In a boxing match, [Diaz] will beat his ass, and there’s a whole lot of other fighters out there who will beat his ass in a boxing match,” said Tarver.

He gave his take on McGregor’s chances against Mayweather

As to how Mayweather would beat McGregor, Tarver didn’t mince his words.

“I think Floyd can knock [McGregor] out, because Floyd is a boxer,” Tarver said.

“[McGregor] is not going to know what to do. He hasn’t had the repetitions, he hasn’t had the experiences. He don’t know what it’s going to take. Sh*t, he gets tired in a five-round fight, even though they’re going five rounds and they’re wrestling. What the hell you think is going to happen in round six, seven, if he gets that far? When he’s mentally fatigued and tired? Because I’ve seen him in the Octagon getting mentally fatigued and tired. So he just needs to be taught.”

So there you have it folks. What do you think of Tarver’s assessment of McGregor’s chances?

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  1. of course it’s just a money fight. mayweather will win. then both these blokes may retire.. sucks though we need connor back to fight either tony, nate or khabib(he has to prove he can make weight again)

  2. 5 rounds MMA is harder then 12 boxing… I think the people who’s opinions matter most here are people who have experience or knowledge in both sports not just one of the two. I’m sure he knows a lot about boxing but he also showed he doesnt know much about MMA

    • it’s hard to say that because there are some very, very taxing wars in between that squared Circle. I went off on Tarver as he said Boxing was more tiring more or less. He insinuated it anyways, been on both sides competed and won at High Levels such as a two Golds and a Silver, silver was due to technicality my belt level had full contact to head, he couldn’t continue and that’s just how it goes sometimes. Go to a gym and roll with a new white belt. They know the sport coming in so as an instructor being tapped by a white belt without any technique being shown shoes how popular the sport has come today’s generations cross train, cross fit. Conor has fairy dust in that left, ask Nate. They have the Ultimate respect for each other now. I don’t see MMW getting away from Conors attack. He knows to cut the ring, I think by FAR MMW is the best boxer, but he is taking on a guy a decade younger, stronger, speed will be similar but Conor has a punchers chance and like he said “what is there to lose; I want to try it, he want’s to try it, there is NO Title, and the people want to see it.”

  3. He said he has watched Conor fight and saw that he fatigues. he said also even though it’s a 5 round fight and wrestling and things involved but going that extra 7 would take something out of him.
    He knows a little something.

  4. Tarver needs to put that crack pipe back down. An old depleted Sugar Shane knocked Mayweather for a loop didn’t have it to finish him. Then you take punchers chance and throw it away? You took too many shots in the head.The last thing to go is POWER. Ask George,or better yet Michael. MMA Exerts far more energy than today’s boxing, your crackhead ass couldn’t go 15 rounds. Talk about the young man wanting a money fight.Last time you were in the ring you needed a bra! THAT’S Keeping it real!

  5. You always respect your opponent; you watch film on their previous fights; training is very important improving what you do best

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