New belt please…

For UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and the MMA community, it’s been an odd and unexpected couple of weeks. After first claiming he was retired from fighting, McGregor was then pulled from his next fight at UFC 200.

He quickly made a turn around, claiming he was not retired, and revealing he was yanked from the rematch with Diaz for not attending a press conference. Thus a standoff with the UFC was born.


Now it seems that desperate attempts to get his way back on the UFC 200 card are all McGregor has left. How does the featherweight champion find himself resorting to Twitter as his biggest tool, and also not able to get a fight?

Madness, but it’s not over there, as a number of rant filled Tweets just yesterday have stirred the pot further in this situation.

Also, McGregor’s team mate came out and revealed some rather interesting information about the featherweight champion…

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