Conor McGregor Helped The Goat Prepare for ‘Fat Mess’ Paulie

The Grudge Match is Finally Set to Go Down… Now Artem Lobov Has Revealed How Conor McGregor Helped Him to Prepare for His Biggest Opponent Yet… 

We’ve had spitting, verbal abuse, shoving matches, punches thrown and that’s before the two men have even stood opposite each other in a cage. Artem Lobov and Paulie Malignaggi are finally set to fight in Florida at BKFC 6 tonight. The GOAT is confident of beating The Magic Man, who has been inactive since 2017.

The New York native despises Lobov for his close association to Conor McGregor. The Notorious famously leaked footage of him dropping the former WBA and IBF champion in sparring footage prior to his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Lobov is the closest that Malignaggi can get to McGregor right now. The US boxer is hoping that by beating his teammate, McGregor himself will be lured out to fight.

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Help Given

The GOAT confirmed that his famous teammate and close friend was involved in helping him to prepare for this bare-knuckle grudge match. He revealed that McGregor was able to give him insights into Paulie’s movement and fighting style. He wasn’t too complimentary about the New York native’s physical condition or his notoriously delicate hands.

“Absolutely, we spoke about the fight,” Lobov told TMZ Sports. “Before every fight we always exchange strategies. We’re always kind of helping the other guy out into planning their strategy and how we’re going to approach the fight.

“But for this fight, we had everything broken down at the time that the spar even happened. We already knew what we were dealing with and there’s nothing to be amazed by. There’s nothing special about him. This guy has no power. Fragile little hands. Plucked out eyebrows. He’s hiding his f—king bald patch. Look how insecure this guy is.”

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Fat Mess

McGregor infamously dropped Paulie in a sparring session back in 2017. Malignaggi insists that he merely lost balance and that throughout the session he gave as good as he received. After the footage went viral, he stormed out of the camp and has done nothing but hate on the former UFC champion since then.

“Like I said, we broke down the whole sparring so I know everything,” said Lobov. “I know his weaknesses and I know his strengths. I was getting ready for the best version of Paulie even though I knew only fat mess would show up.”

Malignaggi is still going to be the best boxer that Lobov has ever faced. This is definitely going to be a challenge for the Russian.

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This rivalry has gone too far for the two men to even think about making up whatever the result. Lobov is adamant that he’s not going to show any respect to his opponent after the fight. In fairness, we don’t blame him. Malignaggi did try to spit on him after all and has insulted him non-stop for the past few months. Lobov said:

“I will not be shaking his hand, but I might shake his brain.”

The GOAT is coming.

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