Not this again…

Rocking the MMA media earlier today was the announcement of the Mayweather vs. McGregor purse split. Following nearly two years of rumours and trash talk, the biggest boxing vs. MMA bout possible is looming ever nearer.

Since winning the UFC lightweight belt in New York last November, McGregor has focused all his energy on Mayweather. Although he’d officially retired with a 49-0 record, it didn’t take long for ‘Money’ to announce his un-retirement.

More Money For ‘Money,’ But What About McGregor’s MMA Career?

Undoubtedly bigger than any payday he’ll receive in the UFC, McGregor is reported to be getting $75 million for fighting Mayweather. Obviously the UFC will take their cut as the Irishman is still under contract.

Where does this leave ‘The Notorious’ in terms of his current title, and his MMA career as a whole. Interestingly, today is the one year anniversary of this infamous Tweet:

One year ago:

The Most Retweeted Sports Tweet Ever

Given the huge nature of today’s developments, McGregor hits Twitter again. On the one year anniversary of his crazy retirement Tweet, it looks like the Irishman has done it to us again.

With the Floyd Mayweather payday coming closer, does the Tweet below signal the end of McGregor’s MMA career?

So Long?

Considering he’ll be earning $75 million USD, maybe the real question is why would McGregor fight in MMA again after the Mayweather bout? The UFC couldn’t even come close to offering the Irish star a payday like that for a single fight.

MMA is widely regarded as a ‘poor mans sport’ in comparison to NFL, NBA and boxing, will that ever change? Sure, maybe it will one day, but probably not in McGregor’s fighting career, maybe even his lifetime.

In the land where dollar is king, the biggest stars are starting to jump ship!

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