Conor McGregor Being Stalked By Zombie In Iceland

By Salvador Sanchez
Conor McGregor Being Stalked By Zombie In Iceland

The zombie apocalypse has begun!

UFC 200 is rumoured to have the new main event fight announced today, after the headline stars Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz fell off the pay-per-view card. It all started with McGregor announcing his retirement, but it goes much further than that.


McGregor poses wit Paddy Holohan, who today announced his retirement due to a blood disorder. In the background you’ll see a blood thirsty zombie, we assume…

Although his ‘retirement’ was short lived, it gave us a glimpse in to the reality of being a UFC superstar. It later emerged that McGregor was in a stand off with the UF due to not attending the first press conference for UFC 200.

Then we got this news:

But that also turned out to be bogus, as UFC president Dana White shot down the announcement within hours. So what is going on with this whole rift between McGregor and the UFC?

Well McGregor’s coach has some interesting insight on this drama….