Conor McGregor breaks social media silence for the first time since UFC 216…

After taking another long break from championship duties, Conor McGregor has a new opponent to face that’s head-and-shoulders above the rest. Tony Ferguson is his name, and he currently holds the longest active/ever win streak at 155 pounds.

McGregor’s history since winning the lightweight and featherweight belt is yet to involve a single title defense. After UFC 194, when McGregor toppled Jose Aldo, two fights at 170 pounds suddenly cropped up.

Oddly enough it was usual lightweight Nate Diaz who meant McGregor fought twice at welterweight. The two only squared off at 170 pounds because Diaz had 12 days notice before their UFC 196 clash.

Then, at UFC 202, ‘The Notorious’ insisted on ‘running it back’ at welterweight again. Following his UFC 205 title win against Eddie Alvarez last November, McGregor went off to face Floyd Mayweather in a farcical boxing match.

All this time, Ferguson has been gaining momentum like a runaway train.

McGregor has no doubt been watching affairs at lightweight unfold, but he’s remained very silent on the subject of Tony Ferguson…

McGregor Breaks Social Media Silence…

Slapping on a third-round triangle choke against Kevin Lee at UFC 216, Ferguson secured the biggest win of his career. 10 straight victories make ‘El Cucuy’ a record-breaking lightweight, and now he has the interim belt around his waist too.

Typically, the champion would enter the octagon to challenge his next opponent. Since he’s been busy with the whole Mayweather circus, ‘The Notorious’ was nowhere to be found.

Even on social media, the normally brash and outspoken Irishman has held his tongue, until now. McGregor posted the following earlier today, he certainly mentions ‘Tony,’ but unfortunately not in the manner we’d hoped:

Ferguson’s A-Class Trash Talk

During the week since his interim title win, Ferguson has been slaying McGregor in the trash talking stakes:

“Look, Conor watches the fights. This dude didn’t say sh*t. He didn’t say sh*t on Twitter. He didn’t even comment saying ‘good fight.’ He said he was looking forward to watching this fight — he hasn’t said nothing. The boy is scared. He’s running.

I told him, just set the belt down and walk away and nobody will get hurt. That’s all you’ve got to do: just set it down and you won’t get ass kicked, I swear, by another Mexican.”

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Tony Ferguson appeared on the MMA Hour this week with another savage warning for Conor McGregor…

“I really want to kick this dude’s ass because I believe that my skills are better. I guarantee you that I’d be a better champ and I would defend the belt. He defends the belt zero times. Zero times. He won it, he talked his way into this sh*t, and my management knows exactly where I stand with this, and I don’t stand for that kind of sh*t. I’m here right now putting numbers behind it, the same way that I made them take me into The Ultimate Fighter.”

“I already told him one time: Just set it down and walk away and nobody will get hurt. But also in every reality, we want the fans to have the fight, and I think the fans deserve it, straight up, because he’s the next one in line, and Khabib (Nurmagomedov) is not there. He’s out of line. He’s not even in the picture.

“So Conor, you need to either (expletive) defend or vacate. You need to get your (expletive) together and come fight me, straight up.”

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