Dana White Reacts to Nick Diaz’s Potential Return

Nick Diaz has rattled the MMA world. It looks like he will return in early 2021 but with him, who knows? Anyway, he is back in shape and we’ve already talked about his potential comeback opponent. But not everybody is convinced that he will step back into the cage.

UFC President Dana White has had a fractious relationship with the Diaz brothers. This is the case with both Nick and Nate. The brothers have had numerous contract disputes with the promotion throughout the course of their professional careers.

Meanwhile, White doesn’t want people to get their hopes up about Diaz. It’s been five years since he stepped into the cage against Anderson Silva and nine years since his last MMA victory. Meanwhile, Stephen Thompson staked his claim for a fight against the elder Diaz brother.

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No Expectations

White explained that Diaz can’t be trusted. In short, the UFC has tried to bring him back multiple times since his suspension ended in 2016. However, nothing could be agreed upon. In short, White told assembled media after the Dana White Contender Series that they’ll see what happens.

“The Nick Diaz thing: First of all, we would’ve never released that or done that. We’ll see how this thing plays out. I don’t have any expectations, whatsoever. We’ll see what happens. Yeah, there’s been talking,” White said. “But there’s been talking for years.” 

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Meanwhile, Stephen Thompson added his name to the pot of fighters hoping to welcome Diaz back to the octagon. The Kenpo Karate practitioner is one of the most well-liked fighters on the roster. He would definitely be a tough match-up. When Submission Radio asked him about his next fight, he said:

“If I were to be honest, if he ever comes back, Nick Diaz would be a really good fight, an interesting fight, for sure. I said something on Twitter the other day about ‘I would welcome him back to the division, for sure.’ I didn’t believe, but if he was planning on it, even if he’s thinking about it, I wanted to put my name out there.

That’s a guy who has been in the game a long time, he’s a veteran, he’s fought some really good guys. I love the Diaz brothers. Their whole demeanor, their attitude, that’s just who they are. They’re not faking anything about it and you’ve got to respect that. So at first I was like, and I still kind of am, I just don’t believe it. But I want to put my name out there if he was willing to come back.”

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Long Range

Thompson also broke down Diaz’s style. He believes that he has the right tools to handle Diaz’s pressure. In sum, legs are longer than hands. ‘Wonderboy’ thinks that he could keep Diaz at range and take him apart.

“Just from looking back at his old fights, he’s obviously got a really long range, he’s got cardio for days, he beats people with volume,” Thompson said. “It’s not like he hits you with that one-hitter-quitter knockout, he breaks you down over and over and over. You’ve seen him do that with high-level strikers.

He comes forward and beats you with volume. So for a guy like that, you’re gonna have to use something that’s longer than his arms, which are my legs. So my movement, my leg kicks. I just think it would be an exciting fight for those true martial artists out there who just love the chess match, love the game. That’s what makes the fight game fun for me, trying to figure out my opponent.”

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