‘Cowboy’ is Really Pushing the Narrative of This Potential Fight… Now He’s Revealed Exactly How He Thinks a Potential Match-Up With Conor McGregor Will Go… 

It’s not official yet, but the cogs are definitely turning. Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor definitely look set to fight – although it probably won’t be for the interim lightweight title, as ‘Cowboy’ claimed on social media earlier in the day. After Dana White gave the pair his blessing, there aren’t any obstacles in the way of this one getting made.

McGregor remains the UFC’s most marketable fighter. He is in a precarious position right now though, as he’s gone 2-2 in his last four MMA fights. That’s discounting his TKO stoppage against Floyd Mayweather in boxing. Cerrone has been identified as a marketable opponent, who can also get the Irishman back on the win ladder.

However, don’t expect the veteran to play ball with that prediction. He wants – and believes – that he will knock McGregor out, and he has predicted exactly when it will happen in this potential fight.



After demolishing the highly-touted prospect Alexander Hernandez, on his return to lightweight, Cerrone has more confidence in himself than he’s ever had previously in his career. He’s also riding upon a wave of love from fans, who appreciate his all-action style, and desire to fight anybody at any time. Cerrone was speaking at a fan Q&A in Melbourne, Australia, before UFC 234 which is set to go down tonight. He said:

“It’s definitely gonna be this year. This summer, I think, right? Hey, Irish, Australian, American. F*ckin’ root for whoever you want. I’m going in there to fight. I love it, man. I don’t care — boo, cheer.”

What sort of person are you if you’d boo ‘Cowboy?’ Even McGregor has been treating him with respect so far.

Donald Cerrone takes on Alexander Hernandez. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


For his part, Cerrone believes that he can knock McGregor out. The Colorado native has a Muay Thai background, using punches, elbows, knees and kicks to great effect. One criticism of him is that he has a tendency to start slow. He thinks he can get this done early though. When asked to predict the outcome of the potential fight he said:

“How about second-round head kick?”

That would be acceptable alright.

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez, USA TODAY Sports.


Cerrone doesn’t have the most finishes in UFC history for nothing. If the fight is made official, he plans on making it a stand-up war and giving the fans something to cheer about. He’ll surely be watching how Nate Diaz coped with McGregor, as the Stockton fighter is also taller than the Irishman. ‘Cowboy’ said:

“I’m just gonna go out there and fight my ass off. Man, I really am. I’m definitely gonna stand and fight him. I’m not gonna try to wrestle him. I’m gonna f*ckin’ stand and give y’all want you want to see.”

Could you imagine if Cerrone ended the year with a title shot? The 35-year-old veteran is possibly the most loved fighter to never have a UFC belt put around his waist. With a young child motivating him to do the best he can, you wouldn’t put it past him.

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