Aleksander Emelianenko is back in training for his next fight and is looking in absolutely tremendous shape…

Although older brother Fedor’s career is essentially over, there may be time for Aleksander Emelianenko to turn it around. Having been inactive since January 2014, the younger of the Emelianenko brothers had fallen on tough times.

Sent to prison in Russia for allegedly abusing his housekeeper, Aleks was hit with four and a half years behind bars. Topping off the smearing of his reputation was a report on Russian TV that alleged Aleksander had links to organised crime in Russia.

After serving three years, Aleksander was granted early parole due to good behaviour.

According to, the younger brother of MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko was released from prison three years early on parole for “good behavior.” Instead, he will be forced to complete “two years and 23 days of correctional labor with a 10% deduction of the convict’s salary going to the state.”

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Emelianenko did time in Russian prison, but is now on the comeback trail again…

“The court granted the petition for early release filed by my client,” said Emelianenko’s lawyer, Kakhaben Dolbadze. He added that the athlete is still in a penal colony in the Voronezh region awaiting his actual release.”

Emelianenko’s MMA record currently stands at 23-7. During the final few fights of his career, Aleks suffered a clear drop in form. During his Pride FC days he was a feared knockout striker.

By 2012 he was out of shape, barely active and losing to barely stiff competition. Until now we’ve heard very little from the Russian striker. Rumours of a return under the Euro Fight Nights banner have swirled, and now the following training footage has been released:


Emelianenko’s best wins came during his time in Japan. Beating Serghei Kharitonov, Ricardo Morais and Eric Pele, among others, Aleks’ reputation as a cold-blooded KO artist grew.

Now he’s a free man and looking in shape, very interesting prospects lay ahead for Fedor’s younger brother.

Check out Aleks hitting the rope in another Instagram post:

Here’s Emelianenko telling about his time in jail:

“We are two people in a cell,” Emelianenko explained. “There’s the usual, ordinary people and are constantly changing. At first it was uncomfortable. But then you get used to it and you feel normal. We started doing athlete programs together.”

“The days are absolutely similar. Due to the limited closed space there is nothing for a person to occupy themselves. And so – nothing happens. I read books like “Faust.” When I was alone, from idleness, I began to do squats and push-ups. Had time to do more than 300 squats but I didn’t want to sweat because there was no place to bathe in the chamber. At the prison, you could go to the gym for an extra charge. I went every day.”

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