Joe Rogan is not immune from saying controversial things from time to time; in fact he does so regularly.

Rogan has stated in the past that Dana White and the UFC never ask him to say certain things or do anything to hinder his ability to speak honestly while commentating. Rogan definitely feels free to speak his mind while commentating or on his podcast, and at times this has gotten him into trouble.

Considering the amount of time that Joe Rogan spends making public statements, between his commentating work with the UFC or the 6 hours of podcasts he releases every week, it’s actually surprising that he doesn’t make more controversial statements.

Of all he times that Joe has said something controversial however, these are the top ten…


10. Dada5000 Camp Calls Rogan Racist

Shortly after Dada5000 and Kimbo Slice’s debacle of a Bellator main event back in February, Rogan was quick to call the fight the worst he’d ever seen. It wasn’t so much his criticism of the fight that many found controversial however, it was his comments about Dada5000 and how he ended up in the hospital afterwards.

On his podcast, Rogan was critical of both Dada5000’s and Kimbo Slice’s conditioning, but his way of expressing himself had many, including Dada5000’s camp, accusing him of racism.

“His heart stopped,” Rogan said on his podcast, “it was filled with cheeseburgers and fried chicken and orange soda. He didn’t train. There was no way he trained.”

Dada5000’s family sent out a statement shortly afterwards that called Rogan’s comments “overtly racist”. Rogan would later brush off the accusations on his podcast, more or less stating that there was nothing racist about what he said.

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