3. Frankie Edgar Takes Jeremy Stephens Down One More Peg

If Jeremy Stephens doesn’t beat Frankie Edgar at 205, he might as well just retire.
We are talking about a guy who has lost 3 of his last 5 fights, and he missed weight for 1 of his 2 victories in that period.

Stephens should feel blessed that he even got on the card, but at the UFC 205 press-conference recently, Stephens evidently felt he could earn himself a “red panty” night by getting mouthy with Conor McGregor. It was like a Saturday Night Live sketch up there at times. After Stephens had mentioned that he knocks guys out harder than Conor does  (Stephens evidently missed Conor vs. Aldo), Conor just turned around and belittled Stephens.

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Stephens is crazy to think he could talk himself into a fight with Conor. He should first worry about the losses on his record to Cub Swanson, Max Holloway and Charles Oliveira  before trying to talk himself into a title fight. Stephens would then amazingly go on to say that Conor wanted no part of him after the press-conference. His attempt to talk himself into a big payday was transparent and he was made to look silly. If he doesn’t focus on Frankie Edgar, he’ll get made to look silly.

The only thing working in his favour is that Edgar is at a real crossroads in his career. He’s now lost to Aldo twice; where does he go from here? You have to wonder if his motivation is starting to deteriorate.

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