2. Lays Into the Ultimate Fighter Cast

It was the first season of the Ultimate Fighter, and there were no guarantees yet that the UFC was going to survive. White has often credited the success of the Ultimate Fighter, specifically the 1st season finale, with saving the company.

At the time of this rant however, White had no guarantees that his company was going to last long enough to make a TUF 2, so he might not have been in the greatest of moods.

The cast at the time, was upset that they were going to have to fight before the finale, as they thought would be the case. Some fighters expressed concern that they would essentially be fighting for free on the show.

White was in no mood to put up with this, and he let the cast know.

Of course the show would go on to be a huge success, and so would the UFC. White has since said that he would like to induct the entire cast of TUF’s first season into the UFC Hall of Fame someday.

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