Dana White is kind of a loose cannon. He’s not exactly the typical President of a major sports company. White is prone to losing his temper, and does so apologetically most of the time.

Typical targets for White’s rage are reporters, fighters who he feels has wronged him, and just generally anyone who frustrates him.



It’s a refreshing change of pace from the rehearsed performances that are typically given from people in White’s position. His rants are often rather hilarious!

Here are five times that Dana White has lost his temper on camera…


5. White Lays into ESPN

What I like about this entry, is that this was a carefully coordinated losing of his temper; a pre-planned temper losing. Unlike the numerous times that Dana White loses his temper in a press conference or during a media scrum, this time he loses it during a video he filmed himself and put up on the UFC’s own website.

ESPN, which has long been hesitant to provide UFC with much coverage, had released an expose on fighter pay and PED use in the UFC.

White, who has been frustrated for a long time with ESPN’s lack of UFC coverage, filmed his response to the ESPN story and then clipped in UFC’s own footage of an interview Dana White gave to ESPN, as well as comments from UFC fighters.

YouTube video

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