3. Fake Black Belt Tries To Train at Blackhouse MMA

It takes a certain kind of person to walk into any MMA gym wearing a black belt that they haven’t earned. To walk into a Blackhouse MMA gym wearing a black belt you didn’t earn, is even more out there.

In this video Blackhouse MMA jiu jitsu instructor Ruben Alvarez absolutely owns someone who tried to pass themselves off as a black belt. While one can probably assume there might be some mental health issue going on with the guy, you can’t blame Alvarez for being so upset.

People train hard and work for years to get the kind of recognition this guy was just pretending to have gotten.


Alvarez expanded on the story in the below video:

YouTube video

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  1. I’m always blown away by this. I’ve got 20 years of martial arts training and do you know what I always say when I walk into a school? Treat me like a white belt. Seriously… any time you walk into a school where you want to learn, start from the bottom, and never assume you know a lot. A lot of these guys would have saved themselves some serious embarrassment by simply telling the truth and humbling themselves.

    And as for Kiai mastery… it’s a myth, guys. Anyone claiming they can control someone completely using only ‘energy’ is depending on the other person as an accomplice. It’s kinda ridiculous that people even claim it works, let alone pitting themselves against professional fighters to prove it.

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