These two guys are HUGE!

Remembering the good old days of Pride FC is a nostalgic adventure. Obviously MMA needed to move forward in to a new age, but God damn those days were fun. Although riddled with steroids and corruption, the JMMA golden days are sorely missed.

Thankfully, due to diligent Youtube users and cyber dorks, we can easily look back. Clearly everyone loves the ‘legitimate’ side of those years, including the great runs of Fedor, Cro Cop and Wanderlei Silva. There’s another type of fight that was trademarked in Japan, yep, freak shows!

David vs. Goliath

Today we’ll take a look back at the wonderfully crazy tradition of freak show fights. Still popular today, and still ongoing, JMMA is where freak show fights originated. Pitting often huge but unskilled opponents against much smaller but skilled fighters was a popular spectacle.

The subject of today’sarticle was not David vs. Goliath, more like clash of the titans. Standing nearly two meters tall and weighing 260 pounds, James ‘Colossus’ Thompson is a beast of a man. Facing the 7-foot-2 inch Giant Silva in 2005, Thompson was made to look like a teenager.

Thompson vs. Silva Video Below

During the Pride Shockwave 2005 show, Giant Silva and James Thomspon squared off. The fight lasted just 90 seconds, as Thompson bulldozed his way through the giant Brazilian.

Watch as Thompson destroys Silva with a brutal barrage in 2005:

YouTube video

Mo vs. Choi

Long before their recent rivalry in Road FC, Mighty Mo and Hong Man Choi fought in kickboxing. Showing that its not only MMA that likes to make such spectacles, this bout ended by brutal KO.

The two would end up fighting three times during their careers, with Mo taking 2-1. All three fights ended by KO, as Choi managed to finish Mo in their first kickboxing encounter.

Check out Mighty Mo’s revenge:

YouTube video

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