Attempting to determine the most unbelievable rounds in MMA history is a rather daunting task. It is also a great excuse to sit in front of UFC Fight Pass and rewatch several epic fights however.

Unfortunately to boil it down to the top 5 rounds in MMA history some great bouts had to be excluded.

Whether it be from a champion who looked down and out, only to fight back and win it all, or two fighters who stood in front of each other for 5 minutes and never let up, this article features 5 of the most unbelievable rounds in MMA history.

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4. Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez- TUF9 Finale (1st Round)

2009’s consensus fight of the year was contested between Clay Guida and Diego Sanchez at the TUF season 9 finale. With a potential lightweight title bout on the line these two warriors threw down like few have before them.

The bout started with an angry face stare down followed by the two of them furiously standing in front of each other and trading fearlessly. Guida took Sanchez down for a couple of minutes, but after that it was back to the two of them just firing shots at one another. Sanchez landed a vicious head kick with 2 minutes left in the round, and followed it up with a flying knee. Guida however, has an iron chin.

Sanchez would go on to win a split decision and earn the right to challenge BJ Penn for the UFC lightweight championship.

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