Grandson of Legendary Mafia Boss KO’s Opponent Cold

By Atilano Diaz
Grandson of Legendary Mafia Boss KO’s Opponent Cold

When you bear the name ‘Gotti’ there’s a certain stigma of violence you are associated with by default.

The legendary Italian-American gangster, John Gotti, terrorized the 1980’s with a bloody rampage of violent crimes.

He became known as “The Teflon Don” due to his non-stick nature with any crimes he was charged with in court.

John Gotti (1940-2002) is a Legendary New York Mafia Boss

For decades, the Gotti name lived in infamy as one of the most notorious names in all of crime history.

Turns out that in 2016, the Gotti name still lives on, no longer in crime, but now in mixed martial arts.

John Gotti’s grandson of the same name is a mixed martial artist who currently competes in the amateur ranks as a middleweight prospect.

Fighting out of New York City, USA, Gotti sports a 4-1-0 amateur MMA record.

He was last seen in the cage Friday, September 9 at KTFO 15. The fight card took place at The Space in Westbury.

Gotti went up against fellow New Yorker Ruslan Volinchii (1-2-0).

Let’s just say Gotti lived up to his family name and reputation with a spectacular performance.

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