Five Reasons Nate Diaz Will Smash Conor McGregor Next Time

By Gentleman Jeff
Five Reasons Nate Diaz Will Smash Conor McGregor Next Time

While Conor McGregor’s next fight will be against someone other than Nate Diaz, there can be little doubt that a Nate vs. Conor trilogy bout will occur as early as 2017. UFC 196 and now UFC 202 were the two most profitable PPV events that the UFC has ever produced, there is just no way that all parties involved don’t decide to once again make some money off this epic rivalry.

Both Nate and Conor have said they want the trilogy bout to happen as well, though Dana White seems to be leaning towards pushing it further down the line than either Nate or Conor seem to want.

When the trilogy bout does happen however, expect it to be Nate to walk away with the win, and expect him to do it by beating down Conor in dramatic fashion.

Here are five reasons Nate Diaz will smash Conor next time…


5. Cardio

Midway through the 2nd round at UFC 202, Conor started to tire out again just like he had at UFC 196. We had heard for months from Conor’s camp, Conor’s fans, and Conor himself that what hurt him in the 1st fight was that he gassed out in the 2nd round and panicked. So with months to work on his cardio, it couldn’t possibly happen a second time could it? Actually, that is exactly what happened.

Rogan mentioned during the broadcast that Conor’s style might just not be conducive to a 5-round fight, and considering he’s in there against a guy with possibly the best cardio in MMA history, that represents a significant disadvantage for Conor. Nate even pointed at him and laughed in the 2nd round when he noticed Conor was tired. Look for Nate to really push the pace this fight, knowing that no matter how hard Conor has worked on his cardio he will still get tired. That should be Nate’s whole strategy, push the pace as fast as possible and then in the 4th and 5th rounds when Conor is totally depleted then look to finish. In fact that really should be Nate’s strategy in every fight he ever has from now on.