Nate Diaz is BACK ladies and gentlemen…

Unlikely and on short notice, Nate Diaz stepped in on March 5, 2016 to shock the world. Earning a huge pay check and finally becoming a superstar, Diaz’s submission win was insane.

Conor McGregor was and still is the UFC’s biggest star, and Diaz’s win made clear the divide between the two. After his big win, Diaz understandably wanted a payrise, especially when the UFC approached him for an immediate rematch.

Double Standards

Accusing the UFC of double standards, many fighters have voiced displeasure. Oddly, the point up for debate is how McGregor was treated differently from other fighters. After UFC president Dana White stormed out of their meeting, Diaz managed to get a deal worked out for the rematch.

Earning a tight decision victory, McGregor won at UFC 202 and moved to lightweight for a title fight. Since then, the 145 and 155-pound divisions have been a horrendous mess. Top contender Tony Ferguson has been ripping away at Diaz’s reputation, as the 209 bad boy has been inactive for some nine months now.

Finally, during a wild interview, Diaz has responded.

Photo: Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports)

Diaz Goes Off

During a tense interview with The MMA Hour, quoted by FOX, Diaz went off on McGregor and Ferguson, who now share the same manager. Having been to,d he needs to ‘light a fire’ to earn a trilogy fight with McGregor, Diaz reveals he rejected a bout with Ferguson:

“I gladly accepted and then it was gladly rejected. Cause it’s circumstances — cause it’s yeah I’ll fight him but under these circumstances. Then I was ignored and then the rumors went on and I was like why are the rumors still going if it’s not popping?

“Then I thought about it, why am I going to do Conor McGregor’s [expletive] work for him? No, you fight each other mother-[expletive] and then you get a chance at the golden child right here.”

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Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports

“Golden Child”


“You guys can fight each other mother-[expletive]. You guys got the same manager, you guys are working together against me. You guys need me to do the work for you? [Expletive] off. You guys fight each other.”

“I already whooped Conor’s [expletive] ass. So he should want a fight with me. What the [expletive]? I’ve got to light a fire up under his ass? You’ve got the same manager as Tony Ferguson, you guys are working together now,” Diaz said.

“You guys fight each other and the winner can have a crack at me. Conor’s a [expletive]. He [expletive] got his ass whooped, he got choked and now he’s justifying it because the decision went to him because the company wanted it to go to him. If I get my [expletive] ass whooped by somebody, I don’t just win a slight decision and then accept it as a win. The real champ right here.

They can fight each other and then they can light a fire up under my [expletive] ass. Then I’ll fight the winner or if somebody wants to get up and make a mother-[expletive] scene and make a star out of themselves and pump me up to fight, then step your [expletive] game up and do you [expletive] thing.”

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

“Two Time Champ”

“I’m the two-time world champ cause I whooped his [expletive] ass after he fought Jose Aldo and I whooped his ass right before he fought Eddie Alvarez,” Diaz explained. “He knocks these guys out and everybody seems to have forgot what happened. It just went away. I don’t want a [expletive] third fight. [Expletive] Conor, he can fight himself.”

“If I’m gonna fight, I need someone to light a fire up under my ass, step their [expletive] games up and start spitting some real [expletive]. Not like Tony Ferguson, never said [expletive], had all the opportunities,” Diaz said.

“He won his last fight. He went to the Khabib [Nurmagomedov] fights, Khabib pulled out and he sat there and didn’t say a word. You should have stepped your game up right there when you had the mic and said ‘ what’s up Nate Diaz, [expletive] you, you [expletive] mother-[expletive], let’s get our fight on!’ Then we’ve got a real fight.

“I’m not going to just accept the fight cause it’s the best move for him and Conor and their manager and the UFC.”

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