As his opponent Volinchii attempted a guillotine choke from guard, Gotti was able to pop his head out and get to work.

After a clean escape, Gotti smoothly transitioned to Volinchii’s back and began unloading a relentless volley of vicious strikes.

The attack took Volinchii out completely. It was a quick and brutal finish, showcasing Gotti’s inherent power.

Following the victory, the young Gotti took center stage and called for a shot at the middleweight title.

Gotti has now notched three straight highlight-reel finishes and is quickly making a name for himself as an amateur.

It was a fine performance from the young MMA star who takes after the legendary reputation of one of the most infamous gangsters in history.

At the very least the younger Gotti’s violence in the cage is warranted. Given his most recent performances, it should come as no surprise if you start hearing this name again soon in the professional ranks.

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