Joe Rogan Believes Floyd Mayweather is Rattled by Conor McGregor

Doesn’t look like Joe Rogan is entertaining the prospect of Mayweather winning…

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor makes a move like nobody before him on August 26. Facing Floyd Mayweather in his boxing debut, McGregor will attempt to shock the world once again.

Clearly this is more than an uphill battle. McGregor faces more than just a pro boxer, even a champion, ‘The Notorious’ meets one of the greatest boxers of all-time, period. For that reason, many are placing hefty bets on ‘Money.’

But there’s always, no matter how small, a chance in a fight. Could one punch really get it done against a defensive GOAT like Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor shared a wild four-day world tour last week. Some people, including Joe Rogan, feel like McGregor might have got inside Mayweather’s head. Mandatory credit: USA Today Sports

Rogan’s Take


“Conor’s hilarious, man,” Rogan said. “He’s f**king hilarious. He’s laughing and having a great time and Floyd seemed a little rattled by how confident this guy is when they were going face to face and standing off with each other.”

“The thing about Floyd is I think you have an idea of what you can do to him until you get into the ring with him, and then you realize how good he is,” Joe explained. “His defense is just on another level, he’s just in a completely different zone all by himself. His movement, the way he figures out what you’re gonna do, the way he processes your movement and throws it into his boxing computer and before you know it he’s catching you before you even know what you’re doing. He’s just a wizard when it comes to boxing.”

Even though Mayweather is among the top pound-for-pound of all-time, Rogan says he’s is placing money on McGregor:

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The Unknown

“You don’t know because you’ve never seen Conor box. Mayweather’s a way better boxer. But the consequences of Conor hitting you should be greater and I say ‘should be’ because I think he’s certainly a stronger puncher than Mayweather. But, he has boxing gloves on.”

“Did you see the press conference? All you wanna see is Conor talking. (Floyd) is definitely not in his prime. The thing is about Conor, he’s way younger and he’s way stronger physically. I mean he’s way stronger. If he gets a hold of Floyd and starts manipulating him…”

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“It’s gonna be interesting, on paper you’d have to say Floyd can win. The thing is, Conor has been doing all this trash talk. He told Floyd ‘if this was a real fight you’d be dead in 20 seconds, and Floyd fucking knows it.”

“He lets all this stuff go to his head and says ‘let’s have a MMA match, let’s fight fucking MMA with four ounce gloves on.’ He’s a dead man, a dead man, he’s ridiculous. Let him use elbows, let him use one more weapon and he’s fucked. Knees, give him knees, or leg kicks.”

“They are gonna charge $100 to see that, it’s gonna sell.”

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