UFC color commentator and veteran fight analyst Joe Rogan has seen it all. He watches anything from MMA to viral fight videos. And covers a wide range of topics on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. One thing Rogan has never been shy of is giving his opinion.

Rogan recently saw a fight take place at Lion Fight Promotions wherein a fighter with over 200 fights under his belt took on a debut fighter in a mismatch of epic proportions. Suffice to say, although Rogan was entertained, he wasn’t pleased.

Joe Rogan is a fight connoisseur

Lion Fight is a professional Muay Thai outfit based in the United States. They have put on some of the most exciting Muay Thai competitions in recent memory.

Recently, Muay Thai legend Lerdsila Chumpairtour with a record of 183-31-5 took on a young debut fighter with no experience. Rogan wasn’t happy. The veteran fight analyst took to Twitter to voice out his sentiments.

“.@LionFight, I love you guys but please don’t ever match up a guy who is 183-31-5 vs a guy with ZERO pro Muay Thai fights ever again. Thanks,” said Rogan in a Tweet.

It goes without saying that Lerdsila won the fight, finishing brutally.


Watch the crazy finish here

A push kick landed by Lerdsila knocked his younger opponent back. Within a flash, Lerdsila launched a vicious head kick that exploded on impact. It was a swift and shocking victory to say the least.

There is no room for these types of mismatches in any fight sport. Joe Rogan is right about that. Although fights can get really entertaining sometimes, it’s an absolute farce to have someone with 200 fights face a guy with ZERO experience in Muay Thai.

“That was an Incredibly irresponsible mismatch, lionfight should have their promoter license pulled,you put a fighter’s life at risk,” one fan said on Twitter.

Others chose to redirect blame away from Lion Fight.

“You say that like these aren’t grown men. It’s not like the novice didn’t know what he was getting into. Blame the fighter & manager if anyone.”

Joe Rogan interview from Rolling Stone:

“This is a moose heart,” he says, happily. “I like moose. I like moose steaks, moose stew, and moose burgers are delicious.” He closes that freezer, opens another. “This is from a wild pig. This is a sausage from something. This is more moose. This is deer. This is bear. And all this I killed myself.” Stepping back, he says, “Yes, I get some grief for it. But you know what’s unexpected to me? How little rational thought comes from vegans who own pets and feed them murdered animals. I’m like, ‘Whoa, what the fuck is going on here?'”

“Yeah, man,” he says later on, going inside his house and down a set of stairs. “Like, you’re not supposed to be a psychedelic proponent and a cage-fighting commentator at the same time. Those two things joined are just too fucking weird, you know? I mean, I don’t get it. And I’m me. I just—” He stops talking, cuts that one thought short, finds another. “You know what you figure out in the middle of a trip? That all these assumptions and preconceived notions of who you are, they’re all bullshit. You’re just an organism who is trying to find normalcy by repeating patterns.”

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