If you thought Joe Rogan’s hilarious style was saved up only for his UFC commentary booth, you were wrong my friend. Check out Joe Rogan’s live reaction to this UFC knockout on TV…

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular faces associated with modern combat sports. As a UFC color commentator and analyst, Rogan gets the chance to see more fights up close than most fighters themselves.

During his years as UFC commentator, Joe Rogan has provided some classic moments with his commentary style alone, and is also a stand up comedian, fitness fanatic, podcast and TV show host, and former comedy actor.


The subject of today’s article happens during a recent podcast recording with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen. The three MMA enthusiasts are watching Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson vs. Johny Hendricks live, and Rogan is typically on form.

Check it out:

YouTube video

You gotta love Joe Rogan. At the very minimum, he wears his heart on his sleeve and is a naturally entertaining guy. It would be a shame if he didn’t renew his contract with the UFC, as he’s alreay stated he’s not sure if he’ll do so when it runs out this year.

Elsewhere in the world of mixed martial arts, there’s plenty going on. With UFC 196 just around the corner on March 5, the promotion and also many fans have been ramping up the hype with incredible promos and trailers.

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