2015 has been an incredible year in MMA, with huge title fight upsets, crazy knockouts and heart wrenching moments. Watch them all in this epic video…

It’s been such an awesome year to be a mixed martial arts fan. The sport has blossomed, although going through adversity too, and has provided some of the most incredible highlights over the last twelve months.

Since last year, we’ve witnessed some of the most shocking upsets in UFC title fight history. Champions who were revered as the greatest of all-time suddenly started to fall regularly. One such champ was Ronda Rousey.


Her UFC 193 loss against Holly Holm will go down as one of the biggest underdog wins in MMA history. ‘Rowdy’ was being hyped to no end by the UFC, and hardly anyone had money on ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ that night.

Another fight that shook the foundations of the sport went down at UFC 194, as Conor McGregor smashed the only ever featherweight champion before him, Jose Aldo.


These of course are far from the only fights that made 2015 a memorable year for MMA fans. In fact, there’s been a whole bunch of other awesome fights and moments that have flown under the radar.

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