Conor McGregor vs. Wanderlei Silva? It might not happen in the ring or cage, but the Brazilian ‘Axe Murderer’ guarantees it will happen in the street…


Conor McGregor is the name on everyone’s lips right now in the MMA world. His swif rise to prominence in the UFC featherweight division has been a spectacle to nehold, and culminated with a UFC 194 title victory.

Jose Aldo, the pound-for-pound topping Brazilian boss fell as predicted by McGregor, in the first round and by knockout. The shocking 13-second finish rocked the sport to it’s core, and has really brought the division in to the limelight.


The win has drawn a line in the sand between supporters and critics of ‘The Notorious,’ and he’s quickly become the most debated character in sports today. As mentioned, not everyone is sold on the Irish striker, and Nate Diaz joined the long lune of haters for McGregor with his infamous rant at UFC Orlando.

Today we learnt that former Pride middleweight champion and MMA legend Wanderlei Silva has a legit beef with Conor McGregor. The Brazilian is not happy with how McGregor and the UFC are behaving right now, and he released a scornful video on Facebook to air his frustrations.

Skip to page 2 for the hateful rant from Wanderlei Silva to Conor McGregor and the UFC…

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