Life is good for Jorge Masvidal. Even though he lost to Kamaru Usman, he established himself as a major draw. Despite almost no promotion, ‘Gamebred’ was still responsible for 1.3 million pay-per-view buys. To put that in perspective, it’s more than Conor McGregor’s return against Donald Cerrone.

However, it will be interesting to see moving forward how those numbers go. After all, he did lose to Kamaru Usman. Furthermore, it was a very dull and boring fight. Usman hugged him and stamped on his feet for five rounds. This wasn’t very fan-friendly even though it was undeniably effective.

To sum up, the UFC needs to be very careful about how they match Masvidal up next. One name mentioned was Colby Covington. But now Masvidal has dismissed his former teammate out of hand. It’s clear that he would definitely like to fight another striker. With a major payday for the UFC at stake, he needs the right dance partner.

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Masvidal shut down all attempts to match him up against Covington. First of all, ‘Gamebred’ described his former teammate as ‘fragile.’ But you’d also assume that he wants nothing to do with a high-level wrestler after his experience with Usman. It just would not make sense.

“The fragile guy with the M.A.G.A. hat … definitely not him,” said Masvidal at the UFC 251 post-fight press conference. “Cause he got finished by this guy with a full training camp. He had like 12 weeks and he got finished by that guy. That guy’s below me and this dude by a lot.

“Six days’ notice and I was nowhere near getting hurt or getting put out,” he continued. “The gas tank wasn’t the best, but I wasn’t going nowhere as far as damage goes. Everybody could see that. So definitely not that punk.”

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Off the Charts

Before the fight, UFC President Dana White said that it was trending as well as any fight he had ever seen. Of course, most people thought that he had exaggerated. White justifiably has a reputation for being bombastic. But it was true. After Masvidal replaced Gilbert Burns, interest in the card spiked.

White said: “This thing is trending off the charts. This thing is trending higher than a Conor McGregor fight. … This thing is trending as big as a fight as I’ve ever seen in my entire career.”

It became the fifth-highest selling UFC card of all-time. C0nsidering the lack of promotion that is insane.

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Next Step

As previously stated, the UFC really needs to be careful with how they promote and use Masvidal next. He’s 36 so they probably won’t have many high-level fights out of him. Furthermore, they simply can’t put him up against a wrestler. That would be a total waste of his fighting style.

Even if he’s going to lose, then you want it to be in an exciting fight. In short, three names spring to mind. If you want to get him back in title contention, then a clash with Leon Edwards makes sense. The pair have a history, with Masvidal hitting him in London, after beating Darren Till.

If that wasn’t possible, then they could make a rematch against Nate Diaz. Their BMF fight did end controversially due to doctor’s stoppage. Finally, there’s the super money fight with Conor McGregor. This would sell incredible numbers. That’s all we need to say.

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