The Khamzat Hype train is back and is coming in FAST. Many were questioning whether Chimaev is the real deal by facing a top-ranked contender in the division, so the UFC booked him against Li Jingliang. The fight was not even close.

Jingliang is an elite striker and for Chimaev to dominate him the way he did, just shows how much of a prodigy he is, he will likely fight for the title within next year if he wins one or two more fights. The hype train is real and he just put the division on notice.

Another question was Chimaev’s health condition since he just recovered from severe COVID. What if Chimaev will not be the way he was due to the sickness but the question has been answered and Chimaev is the real deal.

Going to the fight, Chimaev was excited to get back in the Octagon, he was screaming with happiness. Once the bell starts, he went in to change levels and carried Jingliang while talking to Dana White. It was something the fans have not seen.

Once it was on the ground, Jingliang was in trouble, as Chimaev is clearly the better grappler and took advantage of it. Landing strikes and switching to a more dominant position. Another takeaway is that Chimaev is not only a great wrestler and powerful puncher but his ground game is top notch.

Chimaev wanted to end the night quickly and locked in a rear-naked choke but it seems that Jingliang was able to recover but Chimaev adjusted and secured a better position than before and locked in the choke even deeper. Jingliang did not tap but later he was put to sleep.

What is next for Chimaev? Will the UFC grant him a top 5 contender or will he be able to fight for the title next? Although he has called out Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal for a potential fight, he wants to prove that he is the real gangster of the division.

Another achievement is that Chimaev did not absorb one significant strike which he did is just Ridiculous. In his 4 UFC fights, only 2 strikes were able to land on Chimaev. It just shows how dominant and talented he is as a fighter, but the question will still be ” Will he be able to handle the elite of the elites?

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