Ever wondered if everything they tell you is true?

The UFC is no stranger to controversy, and as the biggest MMA promotion in the world right now they often come under intense scrutiny in the media. One such point of contention recently has been the highly debatable Reebok partnership.

The scheme sees fighters losing out on massive sponsorship pay checks on fight week, and has been torn to shreds in the recent months since it’s beginning.  The Ultimate Fighting Championship is now 22 years old, a baby in the grand scheme of sports entertainment.

It’s also concerning that the Reebok deal isn’t the first issue the promotion has dropped the ball on. Drug scandals have plagued the sport, domestic violence has even reared it’s ugly head lately and fighter pay was already a hot topic before the partnership with Reebok.


Then there’s the multiple class action lawsuits being thrown at the UFC in 2015. Disgruntled former employees are arguing that the leading mixed martial arts organization is monopolising the market by putting fighters on unfair contracts among many other serious allegations.

Then there’s the accusations that the UFC has covered up failed drug tests for Vitor Belfort, and some have even claimed they know for a fact that the UFC has fixed fights in the past. Much like boxing has always been, the UFC is in a storm of accusations regarding corruption and bully business tactics.

A leaked e-mail between UFC president Dana White and other associates reveals some of the tricks used by the UFC, and it’s available to read on page 2….

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