Some harsh words if you think about it…

Since defeating Conor McGregor at UFC 196, Nate Diaz has gone from cult hero to world renowned MMA star. Although he’d lose in a close rematch at UFC 202, Diaz became a household name.

After UFC 202, Diaz went on the offensive for a trilogy bout. Stating he wouldn’t fight again for ‘under $20 million,’ so began another sideline term for Nate. Even though McGregor is in negotiations to fight Floyd Mayweather in boxing, there’s still a lot of buzz about another fight with McGregor.

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Part Three or Not Part Three That is the Question

Arguably the toughest test of McGregor’s career, in both fights, Diaz has continued his verbal assaults on McGregor. Up until this month, the Irishman hadn’t really responded. During a recent social media post, McGregor said he still wants Diaz part three to happen.

His manager, Audie Attar, doesn’t sound quite as keen on this being the next logical step. During the MMA Hour, as transcribed by, Attar said Diaz hasn’t done enough to fight McGregor right away:

Ferguson First?

“The Nate Diaz fight interests him,” Attar said. “Nate’s sitting on the sidelines (but) you’ve got to get Conor excited. If you want Conor to be excited about you, you gotta go in there and fight, if you want to fight him in the future. Nate Diaz vs. Tony Ferguson for the interim title, that creates narrative.”

“If this thing happens with Floyd, you gotta get Conor excited to get back in there with you.”

“I see him being the featherweight and lightweight champion. I think someone has to beat him in order to really claim that from him, in my opinion.”


Although the lightweight division is congested at the top, there’s still some great fights to be had. Unfortunately with the belt on ice, and no timeline for McGregor’s return, someone’s going to have to go for that interim belt soon enough.

Given Khabib Nurmagomedov’s difficulty in making it to fights, and Diaz’s current absent status, who will step up and keep the division going? Tony Ferguson for sure, but who, when and where?

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  1. I love the Diaz bros but Nate has screwed himself by being perpetually stuck in little-brother syndrome. He endlessly parrots Nick and does whatever Nick does / would do. Case in point, Nick announced that he only wanted the big fights, the million dollar fights. He wants the Anderson Silva and GSP money fights. What does Nate do? He announces the same thing. Well that’s great and all Nate, but you don’t have Nick’s PPV draw yet. You could’ve dropped to 155 and gotten a most likely immediate title-shot at Eddie Alvarez, taken the Lightweight belt before Conor got his paws on it, and had your trilogy fight for the Lightweight title for probably millions and millions of PPV dollars. But instead of stepping out of Nick’s shadow and making the smart decisions for his career, Nate chooses to remain as the could’ve-been younger brother.

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