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brock lesnar mark hunt ufc

Mark Hunt unleashed the beast today

Mark Hunt is not a happy man right now. He just went on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and literally unleashed his entire fury about Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 failed drug test. He claims the UFC is probably aiding ‘cheaters’ like Lesnar.

He blasts the promotion for not doing anything to clean up the sport, and call all fighters to join him during his irate interview:

“You could be dead tomorrow, or even f*cking in a minute, I’m feeling good, I’m not worried about sh*t. No one from the UFC has bothered to call me about anything about these cheating motherf*ckers. You know the worse thing? The UFC isn’t doing anything about these cheating monkeys.”

“The reason I’m so upset is not because it’s the first or second, this is the third time I’ve fought someone who’s been cheating. You lose 20% to your opponent if you miss weight, but what do you get fr the opponent sticking needles in their arse and doping? Nothing, they don’t give you anything!”

“All these cheaters are just cheating and saying ‘You know if I get caught I’ll just take two years off,’ there’s nothing to stop them. Why aren’t the UFC doing something about it? They should  take all their purse off them, they should get nothing.”


“All these people who follow that piece of crap cheater are saying ‘why are you still talking about it? It’s OK to cheat,’ Listen here; all these boys and girls who want to be prize fighters just stick a needle in your ass and you’ll be fine!”

“I reached out to Dana to ask him what’s going on, and they aren’t doing a damn thing. What if I get really badly hurt or die? He’s a cheater, Brock is sticking needles in their arse, they should go to court for it. Who’s gonna look after my kids if I die against one of these cheaters?”

“That’s how these dirty cheaters win titles, they are all cheating, they aren’t clean. At this moment I don’t want to be a part of this company unless they do something about this sh*t. They are not doing anything about it.”

“If you are gonna make this a cheaters sport, lets all cheat, we’ll all stick needles in our arse and see who dies first. To be honest I don’t know why they gave him the exemption, it’s like he’s walking in to the octagon with a gun. Someone could die because someone was cheating.”


“Trying to start a union is hard, but I can’t carry on fighting cheaters. It’s a bunch of cheaters and crooks. We need all the fighters to get together, this is about the future of the kids who look up to us as fighters. The UFC just thew me under the bus, they don’t give a sh*t about us.”

“It’s time for us to stick together, these companies don’t make nothing without us, they make no money without fighters. It’s gotta be done, somethings gotta be done. I’m not interested in working for a company that throws you under the bus. They are all cheaters, f*ck em'”

“Sooner or later someone is gonna die, are they just gonna let the other guy walk away if he gets caught doping. This is up to the fighters to make it better. Why would you want to get in the UFC when everyone is cheating anyway?”


“There’s no way that white monkey is gonna make 265. Then when he gets caught then they throw me under the bus? You f*cking cheaters should all die in a fire, f*cking kiss my arse. I’m thinking maybe (the UFC) knew.”

“Why did they give him the exemption? They were just like ‘let’s stick this juiced up monkey in there for a big fight.’ Then the fool had his own press conference. People are scared because of what the company says, f*ck the company. They don’t care about you!”

“I’ll probably get a firing message from the company, but f*ck them, the company is a bunch of scumbags. They made enough money from our blood for years. The worse thing about it is I get sh*t from these steroid using monkeys, are you gonna look after my family? C*nts.”

“They should get sued and go to criminal court. I’m considering legal action. F*ck the UFC, bunch of c*nts, motherf*ckers, f*ck you fire me for that!”

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